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10 Ways to Raise a More Confident Child

Your presence in your child’s life affects his or her confidence”- Unknown

According to Carl Pickhardt, a psychologist says that children who lack confidence are reluctant to try new things or take up new challenges because they are too scared to fail or disappoint others. And as a parent, you play a very important role in shaping their life.

Also, being a parent myself, I have observed some common mistakes every parent makes, which is the core reason for the lack of confidence in their child. Below are 10 tips and advice that can help you avoid those mistakes and raise a confident child:

1. Be confident in front of your child

Pretend. Even if you are not feeling it! When kids see their parents taking up new tasks with optimism and confidence it sets a good example for them. Explain to them that you are feeling nervous, but, you are still going to take an action. This will create a positive impact on their young minds.

2. Appreciate the efforts more than the outcome

We have often read that, it’s “the journey that brings happiness, not the destination.” So whether your child scores less in his tests or stands first in class, applaud their efforts. This attitude of yours will never embarrass your child from trying.

3. Never tell them you are worried about them

As a parent, it’s very normal to be worried about your child. But it’s better to keep that information to yourself. The reason being if you express your concern to them, it creates self doubt within them, forcing them to think they are less capable than others. And this endangers a child’s self-confidence.

4. Let him take decisions

For a parent, kids will always remain kids. But, that does not mean you force your decision on them. Remember, when your child gets a chance to decide at a young age he will gain confidence from his judgments. And the best way to do that is by giving him options, but at the same time letting him know that certain choices are upon you.

5. Never criticize their performance

Nothing shakes your child’s confidence more than being criticized for his or her efforts. Give feedbacks but never tell they are not good enough. The reason being if your kids are scared of your anger, then in the future they will never dare to try out new things.

6. Don’t be afraid of how your child feels

When you see your child getting frustrated, remember your empathy is the main thing in overcoming it. It is okay if your child finds something too hard, or disappointing. Your unconditional understanding will help her grieve. But, once she is fine, she will get out of it and try again the next day, especially when you express your confidence in her.

7. Help your kids to find their passion

Helping them in exploring what they like to do, will create a sense of identity which is necessary for developing confidence. And as they see themselves succeeding in what they love to do the most, it will automatically increase their self-esteem.

8. Allow them to spend more time with Adults

Kids usually spend most of their time, hanging out with friends. But, it is also very important for them to spend time with grown-ups. This will help them increase their horizon, get a wiser opinion and a different angle of looking at things. Also, having a close relationship with an old uncle, a babysitter, or a teacher- will make your child resilient.

9. Encourage their curiosity

I get it, that your child’s endless stream of questions is tiring, but don’t get frustrated and encourage it. Curiosity is good for a child’s mental development because it makes him realize that there are things he is not aware of. Also, it will make him a fast learner at school, since he has practiced taking information from his parents.

10. Show your love.

This is something every parent should understand. Show them how much you matter to them. Maintain calm, even when he disappoints you. Your child should be aware that you consider him great even when he makes a mistake. This will boost up his self-confidence even when he does not feel great about himself.

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