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12 Ways to keep Your kids busy while you working from home

Working from home is everyone’s dream.

Isn’t it? But facing the current situation of quarantines and pandemic, everything around seems like a big struggle. We are trying to juggle work from home while our kid’s school is closed.

However, if you are looking for effective ways to keep your child occupied, then there are some strategies recommended by teachers and child counsellors.

The following ideas include activities that don’t need any special equipment, only common household items. Most of the activities are minimal, so you keep your kids entertained while you are attending a work call or browsing through your emails.

1. Build a city with Lego

If you are super busy with work and desperately need a large amount of time then dump every block of logo to your child that he owns and challenge him to use every brick of logo and build a city out of it.

2. Rock painting

Provide your kids with rocks, washable paints, racks and let their creativity begin. And once the paint dries out you can provide them with stickers, feathers, glitters, and googly eyes to make it look interesting.

3. Make Slime

It looks messy, sticky and gross. But kids love it!

Whether you make your own or buy it from outside, it is the perfect distraction for every kid.

4. Domino Chain

Tell your kid to create the longest domino chain. And since the chain will knock down several times, it will give you a good amount of work time.

5. Cleaning windows and fridge

Once all these activities are done, you must be wondering how tedious would it be to clean it all. But what you can do is t0 provide your child with a spray bottle and rag and set them out to clean the dirt on your windows and fridge.

6. Create a Dance video

If your kids know how to operate tablets and phones, then tell them to set up a dance video. Provide them with props and dress-up clothes and set up a dance or a funny video that they can share with you and your family.

7. Send letters to grandparents

This is the best way for your kids to increase their bond with their grandparents. As those above 65yrs are at a highest risk from suffering the COVID-19, a letter from their grandchildren will be a big surprise that will help them lift their spirits in tough times like these.

8. Pick up an instrument

I can understand that the loud noise coming from the instrument can bother you. But if you are doing a task that does not require silence then bear the noise for a while. It will keep your kids busy and spare you some quality time for yourself.

9. Folding Laundry

There is another activity that keeps your kids busy for a long time- laundry. You can give them wash rags and towels for them to practice with. And if they don’t do a great job, it's okay! It at least gives you time to focus on your work without any disturbance.

10. Indoor treasure hunt

Before you start your work, what you can do is hide items in each room and give your kids a list of items and then ask them to find those items. Also, tell them to call you only once they are done finding all those items.

11. Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a great way to keep your child busy, because as interesting the story gets it can entertain your child for hours on end. Also, audio books turn out to be very helpful for a child who is not a strong reader.

12. Rely on apps

I can understand that you are concerned about your kid’s screen timing. But for now, you can loosen the strings a little. You can also download free educational apps, which are interactive that can keep your kids engaged for a long time. And chances are you can find something of your kid’s age and his interest.

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