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3 Things the Pandemic Has Taught Me

Like most families, we have gone through a lot of changes because of the pandemic. I had never dreamed there would be a time when the entire country would come to a halt. I could have never imagined there would be an invisible threat to our lives that would change our life as I know it.

My typical day of school and work were turned upside down. My sons were no longer allowed to go to school, and my husband was forced to work from home. Once the rush on household items was over, and we settled in for the long haul, I learned many things about myself and my family that I would like to share with you.

1. Children Need Consistency

My children appreciate consistency. My boys are creatures of habit and do better physically, emotionally, and psychologically if they have a routine. That includes having the same expectations of them every day. Getting up at the same time showering getting dressed and getting in front of the computer for school. It sounds easy until you get into a bad routine. If my sons stayed up late the next day of school was a wash.

They rolled out of bed just in time for school. Their mind and bodies were tired and could not react efficiently. How could they absorb information, especially new concepts in this state of mind? Unfortunately, they cannot learn like this. Therefore, maintaining a basic routine helped regulate them and set them up for success.

2. Family Connections are Key.

During the pandemic, it became the norm to find out someone died or someone in the hospital. Staying connected to family to ensure their safety and keeping them accountable for maintaining their quarantine was important. This period of quarantine was lonely for many people. Some people who lived alone felt incredibly lonely because they could not meet up with their usual group of friends.

Sadly, those who lived in a house full of people felt lonely because they sorely missed their daily routine. Not having coworkers, friends, and family accessible was exceedingly difficult, but I appreciate them much more. This is where I found solace in zoom chats, iPhone, and Facebook video conferencing. These applications brought me closer to my loved ones. I tried to weekly video chat with my sisters and had frequent video chats with extended family. As the pandemic wanes and my family is getting vaccinated, I am excited to make plans. There may be a Summer vacation in my future.

3. Change Breeds Creativity

Many people have lost their jobs during the pandemic, and some businesses have closed. Change is hard for everyone, but a wise woman once told me it is about how you react during the transition that determines your future. She was right! During a change, you can curl up into a ball and become paralyzed with fear, scream, yell, and blame everyone else, or you can pivot in a positive direction. I have heard so many stories of people showing their resilience. There have been so many people that shifted in a positive direction. When business is slow or nonexistent, many people decided to use this time to explore their passion and start their own business.

As a nurse, I was proud to see my colleagues accepting the challenge ahead of them with grace and dignity. Having a qualified nurse in the hospitals was essential. Nurses took their responsibility seriously and rushed to the state where they were needed. Businesses used online marketing campaigns to elicit online sales, and some had great success. Some people went back to school, and some took jobs they are overqualified for just to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads.

I am not perfect or know it all, but I know that life is too short to curl up in a ball and become paralyzed with fear. The most important people in your life need to feel they are important. As we continue to endure this pandemic, what have you learned?

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