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7 Products, 10 Minutes: Quick & Easy Makeup Tips for Busy Moms

It is a known fact that all new moms don’t have much time for themselves. There is always something more important than doing your makeup. It could be cleaning your dishes, doing your laundry, or getting the little ones ready.

I have seen a couple of Youtube tutorials like easy mom makeup or 5-minute mom makeup, etc. But, whether it was for “mom” or not, I realized that every tutorial used the same steps with different makeups. So, now, all I do is streamlined the collection of my makeup and have minimized it to seven products only.

Below are some quick and easy steps that I use in my makeup routine:

● Foundation

● Blush

● Highlighter

● Mascara

● Eyeliner

● Concealer

● Lip color


As you grow older, you realize that evening out your sink tone makes a huge difference in your overall appearance. And foundation happens to be the easiest choice to create a

“no-makeup look.” Especially, when you are going to run a few errands or simply work from home. Many beauty experts suggest using a sponge, but I use my fingers. It avoids applying too much and helps in even application.


I am a fan of dewy skin looks. If you want your cheekbones to look higher you can use the highlighter on the top off to the sides of your under-eye area. A highlighter is a genuinely terrific product for some extra coverage plus glow.


Choose a product that has a blush, bronzer, and highlighter all in one tray. Your blush should have a neutral shade with a subtle sheen, not too sparkly, and goes well with just about every

lipstick. You can also use a cream blush and settle it with powder blush so it doesn’t disappear midday. No matter what you use it takes only 30 secs to add some warmth to your cheeks.


As we age our stress level increases, our eyelids shed those eyelashes too. So, applying eyeliner will create a fuller lash effect and immediately open your eyes. Also, there is a makeup artist tip called tightlining, that can make your eyes look larger. But, make sure the product is 100% waterproof, or else it will fade and give a tired and crazy mom

look. But, the most common problem every woman faces is to create the perfect line on the upper lash line. And that is why these eyeliner stickers are like time savers. You can simply pick the look you like and apply it.

Try it out!


Mascara is a product without which your makeup will look incomplete. It adds volume and length to your eyelash in seconds. It takes a max 30sec to apply. Even when you applied no

makeup, simply applying mascara and eyeliner can give a polished look.

To avoid getting a tired mom look, make sure to buy the right kind of applicator brush that works well with your eye and does not smudge while applying.


It is a must, as it gives a polished effect even if you forget to use a foundation.

You can simply dab it under your eye and blend it with a blender. I have listed the parts of the face where you should apply the concealer.

● Under Eye area

● Bridge of the nose

● Corner of the nostrils

● Cupid’s bow area

● Chin

● Spot conceal any dark spots or redness

A concealer gives your appearance a refreshed and youthful look with an instant brightening effect.

Lip color and Liner

Before applying your lipstick apply a lip liner of the exact shade of your lips. Sound a bit challenging, but mac has a variety of shades you can choose from them. Choosing a light nude shade is the best option without looking overdone and can give a deeper impact.

Buy Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer and put a handful of them in

your car and purse so they are always available.

These makeup tips are fool-proof and useful even if you’re not a mom. So go ahead and share it with the most important ladies in your life.

Do you have any makeup routine? If yes, I would love to know them.

Share them in the comment section below.

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