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8 Things Nurses Wished Patients Understood

Good communication is the key.

But at times nurses can’t say what they are thinking and there are things they wished patients would understand. And if you are a patient or a nurse who is reading to relate, then I have listed down 8 things that patients should understand.

1. Nurses sacrifice their family time for work

Hospitals are open 24-hours a day and that means there is never a day off. And working for more than 12-hours means leaving your house before your kids have left for school and coming back after they’ve had their dinner.

And being in the medical field means there is never a true day-off. There are high chances you might have to come in if there is an understaffed or someone calling sick.

2. We appreciate when patients ask questions!

Nurses don’t just check your pulse.

Infact, they wear many hats - clinician, advocate, counsellor, educator. And as an educator I believe that I am doing a good job when my patients practice self care. And that is only possible when patients are eager to learn when I provide them with the tools they need for themselves.

3. Nurses often have to prioritize patients

Are you tired of waiting for hours?

But it's not because we are always busy, it's mainly because you are not as sick as the patient who came in before you. So if you are facing a mild throat and are wondering why you have to wait for so long, then this is the reason.

So, next time before considering going to the ER, ask yourself if it is actually an emergency or it can be handled by a clinician.

4. Press the call light only when you need it

You call light when you need something immediately or when you are facing unbearable pain. Also, it's for patients who have mobility issues or who don’t have any family members to help out. But excessive use of call light is not for any nurse as they already have a lot on their plate.

And patients tend to assume that if there is no team in their room, then nurses are either sitting in the workstation or having fun in the break room. Patients need to understand that nurses are happy to answer your call light, but not to shut the door or turn on the TV.

5. Nurses love it when patients check in

Nurses feel very good when their patients come back to say a quick hello. This is because nurses care about how their patients are doing after discharge and seeing them doing good is one the biggest rewards for nurses.

6. Pet names are not okay!

You must address your team by their names unless they have been told otherwise. Calling them from names like hun, sweetie, babe, miss, etc is not acceptable.

7. Don’t talk when your vitals are taken

Nurses are not being rude, but while taking pulse, temperature, blood pressure, and respiratory rate it is best to not talk. It gets difficult for a nurse to hear or count as a vital part of taking your vitals when a patient is speaking.

8. Honesty is the best policy

When patients lie about their health history and hide the fact that they smoke, drink and take drugs, then they should realize that they are harming themselves and not fooling their healthcare professional.

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