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Becoming a Well-Rounded NP

Have you ever met a nurse who is so amazing at their job? You know the ones that are caring, efficient and appear to have it all together. They are the Nurse Practitioners. They will handle their caseload with ease, chart efficiently without distraction and complete their tasks on time. All without losing that caring touch and approachable attitude. They seem to never let the ball drop and when they do the results are not catastrophic. As a new Nurse Practitioner, you will see these NP’s when you start and wonder how they made such a smooth transition without experiencing the stress you feel. You aren’t alone, nor are you the first Nurse to feel like this. Let me share with you some quick tips to help avoid some of the pitfalls that I have gone through as an NP. Research Researching the kind of NP, you want to become is essential. If you are on this path already then you probably know what it takes to become a Nurse Practitioner. But research goes beyond that. For example, what kind of salary do you want to make? What kind of organization do you want to work for? Why not interview a few NP’s who work for that organization and if possible, seek out a mentor? Learn as much as you can about the organization and the role from the inside. A good dose of honesty from someone in the field can really help in preparing you.

Give yourself grace Nursing is a learning curve. No matter how many years of experience you have had, you should never stop learning. Every excellent nurse experiences some trials and tribulations in the beginning. But the key is to learn from those moments.

Check in with yourself regularly

Nursing is a stressful profession. However, being in the wrong environment can even make the best nurse resent their job. Do you feel pressure from your team to be perfect or take on more work than you are capable of? Do you dread heading to a shift because another colleague is there? Is the culture of the floor you are on not fitting your values and work ethos? Check in with yourself regularly as often an environment change is what is needed, not a career change. Making the right choice about where you want to work as a Nurse Practitioner takes time, and it is ok to move around a little until everything feels right.

Final Thoughts

Being a NP does not have to feel overwhelming. It should be an exciting time in your career. If you feel it is starting to become more stressful than exciting, seek out a mentor or a Nurse Coach to help you transition and guide you.

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