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How to comfort a patient in pain

Nurses are the healthcare professionals who spend the most time with patients and family members. But one of the most difficult scenarios you will face as a nurse is a patient's pain management.

The reason being, every patient experiences pain in very different ways and to very different degrees. But the first thing a nurse can do is to listen to the patient’s description of their pain and concerns surrounding pain. This can instantly help them get through their distress and help them feel more comfortable.

How can nurses meet a patient’s emotional needs?

Nurses wear many hats throughout the working day. And this includes providing medicines, taking care of the paperwork and helping doctors diagnose patients. They try their best to calm the scared patients by being compassionate and giving them hope.

Giving patient’s company

Good humor, small talk and a fun conversation can help patients distract from the worrying thoughts about their condition and help patients with acute and chronic pain heal easily.

Remain in Constant Observation Mode

By consistently documenting a patient’s pain level you can help ensure that the patient is appropriately treated and remain as comfortable as possible while

undergoing the diagnostic or treatment phase of their illness.

Observations include:

- Has the pain level increased or decreased

- How well has the patient responded after the medication

- Is the patient able to specifically describe the pain

- Where the pain is primarily located and how the location has changed over time.

Preparing Patients for Treatment

During the hospital stay, nurses instruct patients to prepare for their treatment by taking certain medications, follow a strict diet and provide them with other instructions before treatments.

Educating the Patient about their pain

It is a very important duty for a nurse to educate the patient about their pain and how being silent about it can create negative consequences and prolong the healing process. As a nurse you must explain to the patients that there is no winner or loser when it comes to handling pain. As some patient might feel a very little pain after a major surgery while some might need medication for several days.

When nurses show interest in a patient’s life and make special efforts to cheer them up, they can reduce a patient’s pain significantly. Also, practicing resilience a nurse can perform under pressure, which in turn helps them provide the necessary emotional support to their patients.

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