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My COVID 19 Experience

It started out like any other day but today I would be receiving my COVID 19 vaccine at 11 AM. I am excited and nervous but determined to take the first step in preventing the spread of COVID and getting back to normal post-COVID lifestyle. I am fortunate to have never had any symptoms of COVID 19 and no immediate family members affected by COVID, but after seeing what this horrible disease has done to the elderly population, I felt compelled to do my part.

I received an email from my county requesting a survey and scheduling for the COVID 19 vaccine. The email had a link that prompted me to schedule a vaccine or schedule a test. The COVID 19 vaccine survey was directed towards healthcare workers in contact with infected patients or infectious materials and people at higher risk of severe COVID-19 illness. Pre-COVID I was able to visit patients in their home sit with them, discuss chronic and acute illness and provide in person quality patient care but all of that changed with COVID and the scarcity of PPE. I am looking forward to going back out to see my patients without risking my life or theirs.

I took the Moderna vaccine because that is what my county provided, and I felt very good immediately following the vaccine. The Moderna vaccine like the Pfizer vaccine is experimental and not FDA approved but the research is promising. The vaccine was developed by scientists who worked tirelessly to save the world from COVID. Scientists continue to work on improving the vaccine for the next phases of distribution.

I felt confident in my decision to take the vaccine. I don’t know if it was the adrenaline or the excitement, but I didn’t feel a thing! The needle went in my left arm and the medicine nor needle caused me any pain. Later that day is when I began to feel left arm pain. The pain was persistent and nagging, so I gave in and took Tylenol. This might not be everyone’s experience, but this is mine. I had no other symptoms and the pain went away after taking the Tylenol. Taking the vaccine is a personal choice and everyone needs to make the right decision for themselves and their family.

Below are some links for you to read and help you make your decision about taking the COVID 19 vaccine, also discuss it with your primary care provider to get more information about how you should proceed with your choice to get vaccinated or not. I look forward to taking the next vaccine in one month and hope to have a positive experience.

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