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The Ever Faithful Crockpot

Whoever invented the crockpot was a veritable saint.

The crockpot provides countless ways to prepare outstanding meals for the entire family. Even tough or cheaper cuts of meats come out beautifully in the crockpot. It has a way of tenderizing meat so that it melts in your mouth. Add veggies and pasta just before serving meals, for just the right balance of flavor and texture. Check out some of these delicious recipes:

● Chicken Noodle Soup

● Southwest Roast Beef

● Swedish Meatballs

● Easy Peasy Little Smokie Sausages

The crockpot is an essential appliance for anyone who works long hours and seldom has time to cook. Crockpots often come in lovely colors too and can easily stay out on the counter in between uses.

This crockpot comes highly recommended. The downside is that they take a long time to prepare food. The upside is that they take a long can leave them on overnight and by morning your meal should be ready. Generally, 6 - 8 hours is plenty of time to prepare and tenderize most meats. Check your recipe to be sure. It is NOT recommended to use them during a long shift. Anything over 8 hours may be too long and ruin the recipe.

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