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What to wear to a Nursing Interview?

Are you looking for a job interview or a first nursing position? Then you have come to the right place. We all have heard about the generic tips for a successful interview: to come prepared, sit up straight, etc.

But the most important advice I would like to give is to dress professionally. When employees show up at an interview wearing jeans, flip flops and shorts, it shows that they have no awareness of the professional workplace attire or they don’t care at all.

And either way it is a red flag for a recruiter.

In this article I would like to guide you about putting together your nursing interview outfit from head-to-toe.

1. Dress for the position

Always remember, the more advanced the position you're applying for, the more professional you should appear. If it’s for an entry level nursing position then, women should wear a slack or mid-length skirt, while men should wear a suit and a tie. And most importantly make sure your outfit has neutral tones and is clean, pressed, and presentable.

2. Interview Hairstyle

Your hair must be tucked and out of your face. You can tie a neat ponytail if you have longer hair, and if you have shorter hair you can neatly wear it down with a clean brush and as a styling product. Also, avoid big hair clips and heavy accessories.

3. Be aware of the company dress-code

While going for an interview inquire prior about the official work attire or ask what kind of attire is preferred in an interview. And if you are n0t sure, then the best formal outfit would be a suit.

4. Don’t wear a cologne or a perfume

Avoid wearing perfume or a cologne to an interview. The strong smell of the perfume might give an overwhelming and an unpleasant feeling.

5. Focus on the shoes

Shoes can tell a lot about you in an interview. Women should wear low heeled-shoes or flats instead of stilettos or boots. And men must wear well polished shoes either in black or brown shoes with matching socks.

6. Groom yourself properly

Remember, you are going for a nursing interview. So proper hygiene should be the number one priority. And to convey that you take hygiene seriously is by presenting yourself well. Make sure to cut your nails and apply a nude shade or no nail paint at all. Your outfit should be ironed and if it’s a long drive to your workplace then wrinkle free clothes are the best choice.

But picking the right outfit is not the only thing. You must explain your career goals, engage well with the interviewer to honestly answer questions, clarify your expectations about the job, etc.

And make sure to not fumble, be confident and give your best shot.

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