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Why you need a Nurse Coach

We all feel stuck sometimes. Whether it be in life or our work. While it is becoming more common to seek out help to set goals and put our thoughts into a plan, it is often perceived that you need to be at rock bottom to gain the benefits from working with a coach.

I love being a nurse practitioner coach and have had excellent coaches in my career.

So, you think you’re on the right path in your career and are wondering why you need a nurse coach?

Here are some reasons why working with a coach in your chosen field is important and more common than you think. It is often a misconception that coaching is only for those who want to change their lives entirely. In fact, working with a coach can be useful when analyzing a new path, checking in with why you love your current role and where those skills and passions could take you further. A Nurse Coach can help lift your confidence and performance in your current role as well as assist you with skills such as time management and planning for further studies and learning.

If you are thinking of moving forward with your career, don’t wait until you start resenting your current job, as that can put you at risk of burnout. Especially when you are in professions such as nursing, you need to ensure you manage stress and prevent burnout as it could put someone else's life at risk.

What should I look for in a Coach?

Coaching is a personal experience so ensuring you connect with your coach is invaluable. When you first seek out a coach, look for one that has trained as a coach and has experience in the field you are in. When choosing a coach as a nurse, look for one that is a former or practicing nurse that has the experience of leading and mentoring others. In your case it is about starting your journey as a Nurse Practitioner, and what better way to start that journey than with someone who lives and breathes the job.

How do I get the most out of working with my Nurse Coach?

Your coach will spend the time getting to know you and your objectives for working with a coach. During the process they will ask you questions and often provide tasks or activities for you to complete in between sessions. It is important that you bring an open mind to your sessions as well as honesty, not just for your coach but towards yourself too. While this can be challenging, you will get the most out of your sessions by being truly transparent.

Final Thoughts

Taking the next step in your nursing career is huge, especially when you are stepping up into a role such as Nurse Practitioner or coming back into the workforce as a NP. Using a coach that knows exactly what the role is about, will ensure you are mentally ready for the journey ahead and will allow you to have confidence and drive from your first day on the job. I look forward to speaking with you to see if we are a good fit. Sign up for a free consultation.

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