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  • 30 minutes

Service Description

Dr. Fleeta is available to mentor nursing students, new graduate nurses, and seasoned nurses on their journey to meet their personal and professional goals. She uses her transformational leadership skills to maintain a positive relationship that will help you meet and exceed your goals using a custom-designed program called NP EVOLVE. Dr. Fleeta offers a safe place for you to discuss your SMART goals. She is also available to collaborate with you on establishing short-term and long-term goals as well. Mentoring is done through a series of telephone conference calls at a set time between you and Dr. Fleeta. Mentoring meetings can be once a month or twice a month, depending on your needs. Topics for discussion may include resumé writing, interview techniques, or discussing your next career move, becoming a Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Educator, etc. She gleans from her experience of more than 25 years in nursing to impart knowledge and help you realize your goals. She will also collaborate with other nursing leaders to inspire you on your journey, bringing them into the telephone conferences on occasion.

Contact Details

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