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8 Things to-do daily to become a Super-Organized Nurse Mom!

Wondering where to start?

That is okay! If you have never organized your home or it has been too long since you have done it, it is easy to get overwhelmed.

But no need to worry. I have put together an easy step-by-step that will help guide you in organizing your home.

1. Make a schedule to go around room-by-room.

Donate anything that you just “don’t like.” It could be your clothes that do not fit or sell toys and items your children have outgrown from or get rid of anything and everything you have not used in the last 12 months.

If you declutter your items at very first, then organizing your home gets easy.

2. Organize your clothes closet.

You must organize your clothes according to their type and color, all the whites together and so on. Place your shoes in a shoe rack. Traditional clothes should be packed and placed well in the back of the closet. Use wall hangers or hooks to hang fancy items like hats, belts, and scarves. And without a doubt, do your laundry daily than just once a week, or else it will seem too overwhelming.

3. Organize your kitchen like a chef.

Always keep your kitchen counter clean. And if possible, keep all your appliances off the counter table. Put all the canned goods together by using a stackable canned goods organizer. Keep all your dried snacks such as cereals, baking items, and snacks together or on their shelves.

While you are cooking, keep cleaning your kitchen side by side. This habit will spare some leisure time for you in the evening.

4. Do general cleaning of the house daily.

Makesurewhenyouarecleaningandorganizingyourhouse,put your phone aside. This way, nothing will interrupt you and make your daily tasks go more smoothly. Keep brushes and scrubbers in each bathroom. Use comforters instead of blankets to make your bed quickly.Clean and clear all your drawers of the things that you have outgrown from. But keep a time limit for organizing your house and remember not to do the entirecleaninginjustoneday.

5. Fix a time for all your meals.

This is a pro-tip for every mom. It will save you time, and your day will go more smoothly. Also, you won’t have to beg your kids to come to the table. So early dinner hours will give you more time to spend with your family.

6. Email to yourself

Email a to-do list to yourself before sleeping.

Copy-paste the list from the night before and go through the stuff and add to it.

Try to break it down into three separate categorize- work, home, kids.

This method will not allow you to forget any household chores and will always keep you on track.

7. Organize important documents.

Make a folder for your important papers and arrange them systematically in every compartment. If you receive any receipts or taxes that you might need in the future, add them to this folder.

Keep your Life Insurance in a secure place. Save all the documents like your medical history, accidents, insurance in one file and keep a copy of each paper. Talk to your family members and let them know how to find these documents. And don’t forget about your passwords. I use google to store many of my passwords but I have heard Keepass is an ideal way to store all your passwords on a free secure platform.

8. Learn to say “NO.”

Finally. It is something every woman must learn, and that is the art of saying NO. As a mom, we say yes to almost everything-play dates, helping at school, inviting friends over, and all sorts of extra stuff. So, just say no and do not even give any excuse for not taking up the responsibility.

I hope the above tips help you to organize your home more quickly than before. And if you feel like procrastinating before organizing, then remember, even a little bit of organizing will make you want to do more. My mother calls it piddling around.

So, don’t think too much and just start!

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